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Flexible financing

We finance a wide variety of equipment, from multiple sources of financing, such that we have the ability to structure leasing transactions based on many transaction variables including credit rating, size of transaction, asset type, industry and location.

Here are some examples of equipment we fund:

Heavy and construction equipment

We know that the costs associated with such equipment are considerable. Origin Finances will help you obtain equipment quickly, in order to carry out your projects in the interest of your clients.

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We can quickly and efficiently develop the perfect leasing solution for you whatever your trucking needs.

We work with the best financial service providers to find the financing plan that will help grow your business.

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Forestry equipment

We understand that transportation costs are critical to the viability of your project. That’s why we will find you the best prices.

Whether you need a single piece or several pieces of equipment, Origin Finances can handle all your major projects.

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Light industrial equipment

This equipment can get lost, break down or simply wear out. You must be prepared to replace it!

Quickly get new equipment in place with our easy and fast payment solutions. Our consultants are at your disposal to help you with customized solutions for the financing of your future light industrial equipment.

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Agricultural equipment

Regardless of the size of your farm, leasing is a great way to quickly acquire equipment without affecting your liquidity. We will help you to obtain it, in order to optimize your returns and offer you flexible rental options adapted to your needs.

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Health, beauty, medical and esthetic

Whatever equipment you need for your clinic, firm and any other type of health care business, our financing solutions make it easy for you.

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Technological equipment

We are well aware of the challenges of each of the leading technology sectors. Our team of specialists contributes to the growth of businesses by responding to their specific needs through flexible and customized financing solutions to enable you purchase new equip or upgrade existing ones.

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Maintenance equipment

We have several successful financing programs, tailored to your payment and seasonal business cycles.

We facilitate your acquisition of equipment so that you can benefit from it immediately.

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